Our Brews


Earl Grey

A blend of full flavoured and naturally fragrant specialty tea’s makes our original Earl Grey smooth and refreshing. With generous citrus and bergamot flavours balanced by a light floral undertone and a hint of peach esters.

Earl Grey Kombucha
Wicked Kombucha Ginger


We start with a specialty blend of dark tea, before adding fresh organic ginger and Australian Native Mountain Pepper Berries. A perfect balance to the zesty flavour of ginger, the spice and warmth of the Pepper Berries, enhance the floral and citrus notes of the tea to bring this brew alive.



A deliciously light effervescent brew packed with all of the benefits of Sencha green tea and organic Elderflower. Sencha’s high levels of anti-oxidants, minerals and amino acids, make it a great ingredient for a truly healthy and tasty brew. Crisp & clean with soft floral notes.

Elderflower Kombucha
Hop Zest Kombucha


Hop Zest!

With their unique floral notes and mild bitterness, Amarillo Hops and fresh orange zest lift this brew to new heights, while the earthy aromatic character of cracked coriander provides the perfect grounding for this complex delicate brew.



Pink Lady apples, Ruby Red grapefruit  and a blend of our favourite teas. Loaded with lycopene, vitamin C & antioxidants these fruits are seasonally sourced and blended with Southern Indian Organic Tea. Allowed time to mature the flavours develop a completely unique profile.

Apple Kombucha
Lemon Thyme Kombucha

Lemon Thyme

The perfect fusion of complex, balanced acidity and delicate herbal hints. Perfectly zesty and refreshing for those long hot west coast summers. Light, uplifting and wickedly delicious.