Our Brews



A blend of full flavoured and naturally fragrant specialty tea’s makes our K-Ale smooth and refreshing. With generous citrus and bergamot flavours balanced by a light floral undertone and a hint of peach esters.


Ginger & Spice

We start with a specialty blend of dark tea, before adding fresh organic ginger and Australian Native Mountain Pepper Berries. A perfect balance to the zesty flavour of ginger, the spice and warmth of the Pepper Berries, enhance the floral and citrus notes of the tea to bring this brew alive.



A deliciously light effervescent brew packed with all of the benefits of Sencha green tea. Sencha’s high levels of anti-oxidants, minerals and amino acids, make it a great ingredient for a truly healthy and tasty brew. This crisp, clean kombucha has soft floral notes and is reminiscent of a dry French Cider – whats not to love!