The Best of Kombucha


Probiotics help balance friendly bacteria in the gut and boost your immune system


Among others, antioxidants fight free radicals formed through poor diet, pollution & stress

Reduces Inflammation

Kombucha’s low pH has an anti-inflammatory effect on the gastrointestinal system

Wicked Ginger Kombucha

Gut Health

Gut health is believed to be linked directly to weight, blood sugar levels & brain health


Kombucha is rich in tea polyphenols and acetic acid, both effective at killing harmful bacteria

Lowers Cholesterol

Research indicates strong links between kombucha and reduced LDL / HDL cholesterol

Wicked Kombucha

Wild Organic Raw

Natural Live cultured kombucha made with the finest ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients.

With Wicked Kombucha, you can be assured of  fresh unpasteurised, unfiltered,  all natural brews.

Wickedly Delicious

Wicked Earl Grey kombucha

Earl Grey

Fragrant specialty teas with generous citrus and bergamot flavours make this is a deliciously refreshing natural kombucha.

Wicked Ginger Kombucha


Dark tea, fresh ginger and Australian Pepper Berries. A perfect balance of zest and warmth bring this brew alive.


A deliciously light & effervescent brew of Sencha green tea & organic Elderflower. Crisp & clean with soft floral notes. 

Natural Kombucha

No Nasty Surprises

We’re traditionalists! We allow our kombucha plenty of time to mature so that flavours develop naturally.

We don’t use any additives in our kombucha. We rely on natural acidity and low sugar levels for long lasting shelf life and great taste.